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About Us

Cisneros Furniture

Cisneros Custom Furniture was started by Don Alfredo Cisneros in 1976. Mr. Cisneros immigrated to the U.S. in 1945 and earned his citizenship by serving overseas in the U.S. Army. It wasn't long before the army discovered that Alfredo, taught by his craftsman uncle, was skilled in furniture upholstery. In its wisdom, the army assigned him to the military workshop constructing furniture for the quarters of senior officers. After his honorable discharge from the army, Mr. Cisneros moved to Chicago, since it was the mecca of the furniture industry. He worked at the following furniture companies: MasterCraft furniture, Plunkett Furniture and the Caledonian in Winnetka. He set out on his own in 1976. And started "Alfredo Cisneros Custom Upholstery." As the years went by, he was joined by three of his sons: Carlos, Mario, and Armando. Thus expanding the scope of the workshop to include a more complete furniture experience, such as custom-built furniture, wood refinishing, drapery/shade fabrication and large millwork projects. Since we are a "Specialty Workroom," we cater "to the trade" industry. For pricing and more information about us, feel free to contact Carlos Cisneros.

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